Young, fit and healthy. No need for regular eye tests… right?


Hannah is a young active twenty something professional enjoying the bright lights of London. She visited Eyeworks London a few years ago for a routine eye test.


Like with all my patients I asked Hannah a few opening questions, ‘how is your vision’…’general health ok?’…do you get any headaches? Etc etc … Hannah mentioned a few headaches and I noted this down I admit without too much concern.


Later in the examination I took a picture of Hannah’s eyes, it was then I realised that there was a slight swelling of the optic nerves. I explained to Hannah what I had found and asked her to visit the local eye hospital.

Hannah's right eye with 'papilledema'. (optic nerve swelling)

Hannah’s right eye with ‘papilledema’. (optic nerve swelling)


Hannah’s left eye with ‘papilledema’. (optic nerve swelling)

Hannah was then diagnosed with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) which means a fluid build up on the brain with an unknown cause.


Click here to find out more about IIH on the NHS website


Thankfully it was diagnosed in time not to cause any lasting damage. If left untreated the swelling can damage the optic nerve and cause partial and possibly total sight loss and in some rare cases can be life threatening.


Hannah has always known that eye tests are important and no more so than now. Her advice is to


“make sure that we have check ups and ask questions about concerns/niggles or headaches – big or small. If my IIH diagnosis went unchecked and unknowingly accelerated I could have easily lost my peripheral vision (and in an extreme worst case scenario lost my vision entirely)”.


“So with that in mind” She adds “ I’m very happy to help spread the word about having healthy eyes and regular eye examinations”.


Highlighting Hannah’s experience is not meant to cause alarm. The take home message is look after yourself, have regular eye tests. Tell us if you are having any ‘niggles- big or small’. The optician isn’t just there for glasses we look after your health too.


So even though you are young fit and healthy there is a need for regular eye tests…right!



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A Night at the Museum


The Eyeworks London family

colour-and-vision It’s very easy to take our vision for granted and not many of us stop to remember how truly blessed we are with the gift of sight and all that it entails. The Natural History Museum in South Kensington thankfully has its ‘Colour and Vision: Through the Eyes of Nature’ exhibition to remind us how special our eyes are; and when we learned that Eyeworks London’s very own Brenda McKernan would feature in the exhibition, we just had to check it out!

Watch the video of Brenda at the Natural History Musem

As well as checking out all of the best places to take a group selfie, the exhibition had a lot to offer leaving us all refreshed, enlightened and appreciative.


Did you know that future generations will have different shaped eyes to us! We often forget about evolution but as our lifestyles change and technology changes our bodies change to adapt and this includes our eyes and how we see colour. It’s hard to imagine a colour that we can’t see but the visible spectrum is only based on what we can see at the moment. This could change and people ahead in time could experience a completely different perception of the world as we know it.


How our eyes might evolve

Giant clams can see! They don’t see the world in the way we do however. They observe life through hundreds of tiny pinhole eyes along the edge of their body. Clams are unable to compute multiple forms of information and instead see bright colourful undefined images. Seeing this way also means they can still detect movement quick enough to then attack or defend themselves by either squirting water at the predator or snapping shut their shell.


Giant Clam


Through the eyes of a giant clam

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit the Natural History Museum yet, the exhibition runs until the 6th of November 2016 it. If you spot Brenda why not take a snap and upload it using #EyeworksLondon #FindBrenda


Seeing double!





















Seeing double!

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Dry eye clinic at Eyeworks London

Eyeworks London now offers a specialised dry eye clinic to assess and manage dry eyes. In this new service we will analyse the three layers of the tear film and prescribe a personalised plan on how to treat your dry eyes.

With each session we will also apply heat and give a deep clean (BlehpExTM) to the eyelid margins to make sure the eyelids are able to nourish the tear film with the oils it needs (this helps to treat blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction one of the most common causes of dry eyes).

After the visit you will leave with fresher more comfortable eyes as well as the tools to manage your dry eyes at home.

What is Dry Eye?

The term dry eye is used to describe any problem with the quality or volume of the tear film that coats the front of the eyes.

What are the symptoms of dry eyes?

  • Sore gritty eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Burning
  • Watery eyes

What are causes dry eyes?

  • Eyelid margin disease like blepharitis and Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • Environmental (for example air conditioning)
  • Contact lens wear
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal changes
  • Auto immune conditions like arthritis and Syrogens disease

What is blepharitis and how is this related to dry eyes?

Just like the teeth can build up with plaque the eye lids can also build up with a biofilm this causes the eyes lids to become red, sore and itchy with flaky skin. Blepharitis can cause dry eyes because it stops glands along the eye lid margin from producing lipids which makes up part of the tear film.


Blepharitis biofilm

What is BlephExTM ?

BlephExTM is a treatment that gives the eyelid margin a deep clean to stop the build-up of bacteria and flaky skin so the eyes feel fresher and importantly allows the glands along the eyelid margin produce the oils that form the lipid layer of the tears.

Blephex treatment

What happens in a dry eye appointment

  1. Questionnaire- to fully explore how and when dry eye affects you
  2. Assessment of the 3 layers of the tear film
  3. BlephExTM and heat treatment to ensure the lid margins are clean
  4. Personalised plan on how to manage your dry eye at home.

Contact the Eyeworks London team today to book an appointment

Tel                   0207 584 2697



Dry eye assessment and Blephex         £85

Blephex only                                            £50

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EyeZen- Chilled out eyes in digital world

eye zen

In today’s connected world, digital devices are pretty much unavoidable. Whether it be our phones, tablets, laptops, desktops even e-readers; for work or pleasure we are in a digital world.

The evolution of digital devices and the change in our working habits have been rapid. But of course the evolution of the eyes can’t keep up! Right now our eyes just aren’t designed to sit in front of a screen staring at pixels all day! Consequently eye strain and fatigue are the number one complaint at Eyeworks London.

So, if you can’t wait 20 million years until our eyes evolve a solution to this problem and digital abstinence is not an option then you may be interested in the new EyeZen lenses from Essilor. The clever people at Essilor (who designed the first varifocal lens) have come up with a lens that tackles the two main causes of digital eye strain which are ‘Screen Glare’ and ‘Focusing Effort’.

Screen Glare

Essilor EyeZen lenses filter out the harmful blue/violet light emitted from digital devices using a new innovative coating called Crizal Prevencia. Blue/violet light is shown to cause an increase in retinal cell death if exposed to it over a number of years. The innovative coating not only has this long term protective role but in the short term the blue light filter also dampens glare of the screen. The coating also selectively allows ‘happy’ blue/turquoise to pass through the lens. This type of light is important to our saccadic rhythms and keeps us alert during the day.

Focusing Effort

When we look at something close the muscles around our crystalline lens have to contract to change its shape and create more ‘positive’ focusing power that will converge the light onto the retina. This is called accommodation. When we stare at a computer for a few hours it means we will have to contract the muscles around the lens for this amount of time which is a lot of effort. Understandably after a while our muscle will fatigue which can manifest as headaches, blurred vision and general eye strain. The EyeZen lenses work by having positive power at the bottom half of the lens. And so EyeZen will do part of the work for the muscles and lens in the eyes, relieving your eyes of some of its ‘accommodative’ effort and therefore reducing the onset of eye strain.

EyeZen Linzi

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Introducing Zoobug

We love our little customers at Eyeworks London so we’ve curated an exclusive children’s range for them to choose from featuring stylish sunglasses and fun frames. Zoobug offer the very best in kids eyewear, their quirky designs emulating the latest ocular trends, but with a playful twist. Read more about the brand in our exclusive interview…

 Director, Dr Julie with her daughter Prosper.

Brand director Dr Julie with her daughter Prosper.

OFFICIAL logo layout

When was your brand established?

2006 in London.


Who is behind your designs?

Dr Julie Diem Le – former eye surgeon.


Where is your eyewear designed and made?

Designed in London, made in Europe and Asia.


What materials are used?

Acetate and metals – all high quality and suitable for kids.


Do you have any famous fans of your product?

We have seen our products worn by the Royals (Prince Edward’s son James, Viscount Severn for example). Also – Tori Spelling’s kids, Rachel Zoe’s son, Alyson Hannigan’s daughter and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s daughter.


How would you summarise the style of your eyewear?

Made for kids – stylish, comfortable and fun to wear.


What is your brand philosophy?

Excellent design with a fit and quality suitable for youngsters.


Why did you choose to stock your product at Eyeworks London?

Zoobug is a great fit for the leading optical boutiques who wish to work with children.



The adorable Daisy sunglasses which are available in a number of colour combinations.



Harley, a much-loved round design.

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Introducing FEB 31st


FEB 31st are a relatively young optical design house who offer something a little different – all their frames are made of wood, which translates into surprisingly flattering and sensuous designs. In our recent interview we got to know the brand a bit better…


Stefano Sarti Cipriani - founder and co-owner of FEB31st

Stefano Sarti Cipriani – founder and co-owner of FEB 31st


When was your brand established?

In 2009 we started research and development and we launched the first collection at Silmo Paris in 2011.


Who is behind your designs?

Valerio Cometti is the creative director and Stefano Sarti Cipriani is the founder and co-owner of FEB31st.


Where is your eyewear designed and made?

FEB 31st is designed by Valerio Cometti at the V12 design studio based in downtown Milan. It is produced in our factory in the mountains by our 16 employees in Brembilla, 45 minutes away from Milan.


What materials are used?

FEB 31st frames are made from FSC certified poplar wood from a controlled plantation located on the east coast of North America. Each frame is made from 13 layers of wood and each layer can be colour customised, creating a totally unique piece for the customer.


Do you have any famous fans of your product?

Katy Perry bought one of our designs in LA few months ago.


How would you summarise the style of your eyewear?

You can customise every frame so it’s your style actually.


What is your brand philosophy?

To express your individuality with unique material through design, colour and personalisation.


Apus Air

Apus Air





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Eyeworks London is getting noticed in the blogosphere!

Eyeworks has recently received some flattering coverage from influential bloggers. Click on the links below to read the full blog and hear about their experience at Eyeworks London.

Lorrene Blau

‘One evening I popped into Eyeworks London on Gloucester Road and I was happy to discover this hidden gem in London. I was impressed by the selection of frames available and the lovely staff there….’read the full blog from Lorrene Blau

Lorenne BlauLorenne Blau glasses


Petite Side of Style

‘I recently visited Eyeworks London on Gloucester Road in Kensington. I could have spent hours (I certainly spent over an hour picking these frames) trying on the selection of limited edition vintage frames. If you’re in London and after new frames pop into the boutique store. Your eyes will be in heaven…..’ read the full blog from Petite Side of Style

Petite side of stylePetite side of style glasses


Follow Your Arrow

‘After picking out my frames, I then headed back to Eyeworks London a few weeks later to get my eyes tested. I was a little nervous, but the optician was lovely and I felt very comfortable. I then got my glasses through the week after, and love them’……. read the full blog from Follow Your Arrow here

Follow Your Arrow

Follow your arrow  SALT


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Introducing Essilor Airwear Prevencia lenses, free with a NHS voucher for all children at Eyeworks London

crizal prevenciaLogoHBanner

Eyeworks London has now introduced a lighter, thinner impact resistant lens with the highest quality coating called Prevencia as standard for all children. The Prevencia coating guarantees against scratches for two years and protects against UV light and harmful blue light.

Blue light is part of visible light and is close to UV on the light spectrum. Most of our blue light exposure comes from the sun, a small amount is also emitted from fluorescent light bulbs and LEDs present in computer screens, tablets, smartphones, etc. Blue light can be divided into two categories

  • Blue-Violet
  • Blue-Turquoise

Blue-Violet or “harmful blue light” is close to the visible spectrum and penetrates deep into the eye. Blue-violet light can damage the retina, the part of your eye where images are formed. Long-term damage can lead to serious eye conditions, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of visual impairment in the western world.

Blue-Turquoise or “essential blue light” contributes to well-being. We need blue-turquoise to perceive colours and shapes. Blue-turquoise light is also a natural form of light therapy that is essential for your body. It helps regulate your everyday sleep cycle, keeping you energised and alert. Furthermore, it controls your pupillary reflex (the dilation and construction of the pupil), one of the eye’s natural safety devices this means exactly the right amount of light enters your eye.

How does the Essilor Prevencia lens work?

Essilor’s Prevencia lenses use an exclusive technology to selectively filter light; UV rays and harmful blue-violet light are virtually eliminated, the essential blue- turquoise light passes through the lens. The lens is clear and can be worn for visual correction.


Why is this important for children?

Children are more exposed to UV and harmful blue light than adults as they tend to spend more time outdoors. Children have naturally larger pupils and their crystalline lenses is not fully developed to absorb short wavelengths of light. This means that blue light and UV light will reach the back of the eye more easily and can cause damage to the delicate light sensitive layer at the back of the


For more information please feel free to speak to an Eyeworks London member of staff and have a look at the Essilor website



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Introducing Lindberg

Multi award winning Danish design innovators Lindberg specialise in the lightest, most comfortable eyewear. We chat to the much loved brand about their latest technology and discreet approach to luxury…

Henrik Lindberg

Henrik Lindberg

When was your brand established?

The history of LINDBERG starts with an Optician in Denmark – Poul-Jǿrn Lindberg. When he first needed glasses in the beginning of the 1980’s he found the frames “heavy, rigid and uncomfortable.” So he teamed up with an architect Hans Dissing to design one of the first commercially available rimless mounts.


Who is behind your designs?

LINDBERG eyewear has always been in the family the first concepts were designed by optometrist Poul-Jǿrn Lindberg and then his son Henrik Lindberg who runs the company today.


Where is your eyewear designed and made?

LINDBERG is designed and made in Denmark.


What materials are used?

LINDBERG designs feature responsibly sourced materials selected for timeless elegance, exceptional strength and distinctive visual impact. We use exclusive materials such as titanium, gold, platinum, diamonds and acetate. We’ve done away with everything that isn’t essential – including all screws, rivets and welds. This means LINDBERG frames are incredibly strong and flexible – yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world.


Do you have any famous fans of your products?

Queen Elizabeth 2nd wears LINDBERG for official engagements as do many of the Danish Royalty.  You also may notice that Eddie Jordon on Formula One sports many LINDBERG frames.


How would you summarise the style of your eyewear?

Simplicity runs through all of LINDBERG designs.


I would consider our first design the AIR Titanium is our most iconic piece and summarises the style of our eyewear well.  It has been featured in numerous design exhibitions, including Museum of Modern Art in New York. I still have a quiet admiration for the simple construction—a bent and twisted titanium wire—completely devoid of screws and soldering. Nevertheless, it is incredibly flexible, strong, and resilient. In my opinion, it is a beautiful representative of Danish design at its best; quality materials and the no-frills minimalism—devoid of merely decorative embellishments and visual noise.


What is your brand philosophy?

Everything we do is steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity.


Lindberg 6528 from the N.O.W. range.

Lindberg 6528 from the N.O.W. range.


Lindberg 1143 from the Acetanium collection.

Lindberg 1143 from the Acetanium collection.


Lindberg 1032 from the Acetanium collection.

Lindberg 1032 from the Acetanium collection.

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Introducing Michel Henau

Meet Michel Henau, an under-the-radar Belgian design house whose daring but wearable works of art never fail to captivate our customers…

Marc Delagrange, Designer at Michel Henau

Marc Delagrange, Designer at Michel Henau

Michel Henau logo


When was your brand established?



Who is behind your designs?

Marc Delagrange, optician, running his own boutique style shop since 1980 and graphic artist. A perfect mix for perfect and original creations!


Where is your eyewear designed and made?

Designed in Belgium and acetates entirely made in France, titanium made in Japan for quality reasons.


What materials are used?

Mainly acetate, some titanium.


Do you have any famous fans of your product?

Our famous fans are mainly artists who appreciate the originality and simplicity of the designs.


How would you summarise the style of your eyewear?

A perfect mix between avant-garde and classical elegance.


What is your brand philosophy?

MICHEL HENAU frames are a perfect symbiosis between shape, functionality and quality. Pure and structured shapes. A Timeless simplicity. MICHEL HENAU frames are DIFFERENT.


Why did you choose to stock your product at Eyeworks London?

Simply because Eyeworks wants to offer the consumer something different than the ubiquitous and this in a beautiful, original and classy setting and with the support of qualified staff.


The characterful M30 model

The characterful ‘M30’ model

The wonderfully quirky 'Kiyoshi'

The wonderfully quirky ‘Kiyoshi’

'Odorono', a popular round Michel Henau model

‘Odorono’, a popular round Michel Henau design


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