Plastic not so fantastic

Contact lenses

Introducing contact lens recycling

Plastic is a marvel as much as it is a concern.
This wonder material; light, cheap, mouldable and non perishable has revolutionised modern living. It is hard to imagine a world without it. But as awareness has grown of how plastic is impacting our environment so too has the realisation that the stuff is just everywhere! Plastic is woven into almost everything we consume even the contact lenses you put in your eyes are made of a type of plastic.

To help reduce contact lens related plastic waste we have teamed up with TerraCycle and Johnson & Johnson to act as a recycling point for your contact lens waste.

As well as recycling the actual used contact lenses we recycle the foil lids and blister packs.

what can be recycled.png

Simply bring your used contact lenses to Eyeworks London and pop it in the bin at the front of the store.

The more contact lenses we recycle the more TerraCycle will donate to our chosen charity See Ability .

Happy recycling.

Brenda and the Eyeworks London team

Eyeworks London