Meet the Eyeworkers

Amiee Wheeler - Dispensing Optician FBDO

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How long have you worked for Eyeworks London?

Since the beautiful September of 2015 so 3.5 years.

How did you get into optics?

The truth is I fell into it after deciding that sociology was no longer the way forward. Searching for a career I was approached with the opportunity to work at optics with the promise of development and a career.

What is your favourite frame range and why?

Toughy…. It would be between 3 for different reasons…. Modern shapes and colours in Henau for those who dare, If people have the time to be creative, Lindberg are super fun to design with the customer and finally Dita because nothing quite feels like a Dita, they’re strong thicker materials and feel like you’re wearing specs well made; plus the 18k gold plating is a nice luxurious touch.

Amiee loves Dita frames because of their luxurious feel

Amiee loves Dita frames because of their luxurious feel

 Favourite thing about your job?

Most rewarding: Seeing a child smile as they put their first pair of glasses on knowing it’s the first time they’ve really seen their parents and the world around them correctly.

Favourite things here: Feeling like you’re working with a family not just colleagues, meeting A-Listers and Tom Hardy’s and Amanda’s motorbike chat on the shop floor.

 Something interesting about yourself?

You name it I can cook it, if you’re a foodie that’s interesting. I have 2 singles released under a pseudonym and plan to do more.

 Superpower and why?

Invisibility because I’d travel the world just hopping on planes and breezing through passport control. Now you see me now you don’t….