children's eyecare


It makes sense that clear comfortable vision will ensure that children develop normally and learn effectively and yet children’s eye care is often over looked.

At Eyeworks London we actively promote the importance of children’s eye care and recommend that children are examined annually and should have their first eye examination before they go to school.

Our Optometrists are experienced in dealing with young children and we are equipped with lots of pictures and games to make the eye test fun.


Whatsmore children’s eye examinations are free of charge covered by the NHS

And should your little one need glasses there are lots of cool frame options.  children receive high quality lenses, this offer is exclusive to Eyeworks London NHS patients*


Children's eye examination

*NHS - Free of charge

Private - £50


Learn more about children’s eyecare here.



*Children (under 16’s) will be entitled to an NHS eye test if they are a resident in the UK and registered with a NHS GP